Like many women my age I grew up on Disney films. Among my favorites were Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. As an adult I'm still a sucker for musicals and fairy tales. If you love Disney fairy tales and are a fan of Chicago, then you've go to see this video by Todrick Hall.

I stumbled across it while watching cat videos on the internet, and in the spirit of Halloween, costumes and fun I present to you the amazing Spell Block Tango - a sort of musical mashup between one of Chicago's iconic songs and brilliant Disney villains.



After an initial glimpse at the villains, we see Adam Lambert opening the video as Captain Hook, Todrick's Disney version of Matron Mama Morton, where he introduces the Six Merry Murderesses of Captain Hook's County Jail.

First we see Shoshana Bean portray Cruella DeVil who wanted "spots" not dots, followed by Snow White's Evil Queen, Cassie Scerbo, who's affair with Doc was tainted by his association with six other small men. Next we go under the sea to visit Amber Riley's Ursula whose tentacles did serious damage to Prince Eric, before the Queen of Hearts, Kimberly Cole, declares her innocence.

Todrick himself then portrays Scar, who just stepped away for a quick Zebra, blacked out and found his brother Mufasa in the spread eagle. Last we see Maleficent, Pia Toscano, dancing with King Stefan who stepped out with the three fairies and then found himself no longer with the living.

The whole production is impressive and was created by Todrick Hall. Watch and see for yourself.

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