“Having the right song at the right moment has proven to be critical,” Tony Lucca said before kicking off Monday’s live episode of ‘The Voice.’ “There’s no room for error.” Thankfully, errors were nowhere to be found in the singer-songwriter’s delivery — he pumped up the crowd with every leap across the stage during his cover of the Heavy’s ‘How You Like Me Now.’

If his performance wasn’t enough to tug at the heartstrings (do you have one?), the emotional family interview with his wife and son beforehand certainly was. Lucca brought his lady to tears even before he sang. She called him “Mr. Mom” and made a big effort to stress to the viewers how much of a help he is to her at home, always cooking breakfast and doing what he can to lend a hand. Should he win the ‘The Voice,’ he’ll likely be able to provide her all the help she could ever want.

Lucca was noticeably without his guitar when he took the stage, but he came packing with his larger-than-life vocals. Following the production, we all held our breath when Christina Aguilera was allowed to put in her two cents. Just a few weeks ago, she dissed her fellow Mouseketeer by saying he was getting too much help from his celebrity friends.

On Monday, she said she “loved” the song he chose — but took her moment at the mic to make sure everyone knew she had initially set it aside for one of her own team members. Nevertheless, we liked the performance, especially Lucca’s newfound moves “like Jagger.”

Carson Daly cut her off mid-word, (finally) giving Cee Lo a turn to talk. The big man called the number a “really pleasant surprise,” adding that he became a fan of Lucca’s during the performance.

Lucca’s coach, Adam Levine, expressed that he was proud, even though he wasn’t 100% on the cover initially. To sum it up, he said, “This was the perfect thing at the perfect moment, dude.”

Watch Tony Lucca Perform ‘How You Like Me Now’ on ‘The Voice

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