A couple of weeks ago, somebody won $250,000 in the Texas Lottery, that lucky sonnavah...

They played the "All or Nothing (TM)" game and the winning ticket was purchased in Houston. They guessed ALL twelve lotto numbers correctly. That had to have been like a one in a bajillion chance to win. Congrats!

Meanwhile, the rest of us peons are struggling to come up with the right numbers to choose so that we, too, can become a hundred-thousand-aire.

What kinds of stuff would Texans buy if they won the lottery? I have an idea what the top five things on that list would be!

The most expensive stuff
you can buy on Bergdorf Goodman: Honey, if you win the Texas lottery, you can afford to buy this
66-piece dinner flatware from Bergdorf Goodman! It's only $15,760. You're a big spender now, you can afford it.
TUTTLE Pantheon 66-Piece Dinner Flatware Set via BergdorfGoodman.com
Pantheon 66-Piece Dinner Flatware Set via BergdorfGoodman.com
  • Tricked-Out RV: Comedian/Actor J.B. Smoove recently joined the world of tricked-out RV's. I am officially envious. Watch this video he made for Architectural Digest where he shows off his new beauty. It even comes with its own garage, loft, and mini-bar!
    • Alexa Upgrade with the voice of Gilbert Godfried or Wanda Sykes: Can you even order an Alexa with a different voice? I think I heard somewhere that you can get one with the voice of Samuel L. Jackson, but I could be mistaken. Oh, here it is on Amazon for 99 cents!
    • Extra Big Tires for the Rig: Oh, sookie, sookie now! I drive a 2007 PT Cruiser but it would be dope if I won the lottery because I would totally get some 44-inch BOGGERS to jack that bad boy up!
    Super Swamper Tires via 4wd.com
    Super Swamper Tires via 4wd.com

    Or you can treat your friends to this PT Cruiser Limo.

    • $100 Brookshire's Gift Cards for the Neighborhood: There's nothing better than sharing the wealth with your family and friends and the 'hood. YOU get a gift card, and YOU get a gift card, and YOU get a gift card!

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