Though our winter has not been too cruel, we all are happy to see the sun shining and have the temperature near perfect. So, lets not pass up a chance to enjoy this wonderful weather. Where should you spend some time outside? Here is a quick list of great places to have fun in the sun. 

We are lucky folks. We get to enjoy this wonderful weather here in East Texas. Where we live holds so many beautiful parks and amazing outdoor activities to get outside on these great spring days.

1. Parks

Siri Stafford, ThinkStock
Siri Stafford, ThinkStock

Parks are the perfect place to spend a lovely day. The smell of fresh air, the sound of children playing, and the warm sun peaking out from behind the leaves. What a fabulous way to spend the day.

Bergfeld Park

Bergfeld is a gem of a park tucked right in by Broadway Avenue in Tyler. With a playground, tennis courts, wide open spaces, and an amphitheater; what more could you ask for. Check out Bergfeld park. If you stay long enough, you might just catch the ice cream man.

Tyler State Park

The Tyler State Park is like the Disney Land of parks for Tyler. They offer so many fun activities. You can fish, hike, bike, canoe, and so much more. A tiny drive out of town can lead you to a wonderful place to spend these gorgeous days.

2. Walking Around

Tyler Olson, ThinkStock
Tyler Olson, ThinkStock

Taking a stroll with family or friends can really brighten your day. Chatting about your day, talking about what you dream for, and making jokes while walking around on a beautiful day is the best medicine. There are a few spots around Tyler that are really great spots to just wander about.

Downtown Tyler

With the addition of a few new sculptures, shops like 8th Street Boutique and Levines, great food, movies, an art gallery, library, historic buildings, and great music; downtown Tyler is a great place to walk around and see the sights.

Rose Rudman Park

Rose Rudman has one of Texas' best places to take a stroll. There walking paths wind in and out of great East Texas scenery and span almost halfway through the entire city. Over bridges and through the woods, you and your family and friends can have a treat of a walk.

3. Gardens

Akabei, ThinkStock
Akabei, ThinkStock

East Texas is one of the world's best places to have a pretty garden. Mild winters and lots of rain and sunshine make for the perfect climate for beautiful gardens.

Tyler Rose Garden

What is Tyler famous for? Our roses. So, of course, our rose garden is the best. Endless rows of roses, rolling hills of color, ponds and other lovely sights are a in the plenty at Tyler's Rose Garden.

LeGrand Rose Garden

The LeGrand Rose Garden are on the grounds of the historic 1859 Goodman LeGrand Museum. This wonderful historic gem sits just past downtown Tyler holding over a 150 years worth of Tyler's history. The garden and museum grounds are absolutely beautiful and worth a trip to see them.



Go out and enjoy this beautiful weather before the heat takes over. Enjoy the wonderful weather in the best places East Texas has to offer.

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