Imagine you're in Los Angeles, and you decided to ride one of Hollywood's famous tour buses, only to later find yourself suddenly live on television in front of millions and millions of people?

That's what happened during the live broadcast of the 89th Annual Academy Awards, as host Jimmy Kimmel surprised a group of unsuspecting tourists in a prank that will surely be remembered as one of Oscar's greatest moments.

Kimmel explains during the live taping that the production team behind the Oscars arranged to have a group of tourists on a Starline Tour bus to randomly stumble into the Dolby Theatre during the live-taping of the Oscars. The participants supposedly had no prior knowledge of their 15 seconds of fame, and the shock on their faces stood out as they entered the theatre.

The first member of the group, a man by the named of Gary, recorded the entire experience on his smartphone and even took a selfie with Best Supporting Actor winner Mahershala Ali's golden statue.

Other members of the group included Gary's soon-to-be-wife (who admitted that Fences star/director Denzel Washington was her favorite) and a couple on their honeymoon who revealed that they had just been married two weeks prior.

Click on the images above to see a gallery of the surprising moment.

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