On March 13, Rachel Bell's life changed dramatically in just a few minutes.

After her husband left for work, she got ready herself at a leisurely pace and went to work. Then, she had seven strokes. Yes, seven strokes.

"The neurologist described it like a meteor shower in my brain," said the 32-year-old. "A few months after recovering as best I could on my own and with traditional therapies, I finally returned Gary’s message and began receiving MCN treatments."

The results over the next six months were nothing short of astounding. Gary Duke at Trinity Integrative Care uses IASIS MCN (micro current neurofeedback), which changes a patient's brainwaves using electric stimulation and no conscious effort on the patient's part.

"I remember Google-ing 'dangers of micro current biofeedback,'" Rachel said. "Feel free to do so, but basically you might get a fleeting head or stomach ache. I told myself that I could handle worse if it would make me better."

When she started, she was having panic attacks at least once a day. "I walked like a car that needs an alignment, and a goldfish probably would remember a conversation better than me," she said.

She felt very relaxed after the first treatment, and by the 5th treatment, she told Gary she couldn't remember having a panic attack that week — in fact, it might have been a week and a half since her last panic attack. She noticed improvement with each treatment.

"I am a believer and a full supporter," Rachel said. "For me, it helped with anxiety, depression, cognitive deficits and, I’m sure, a number of other things. I just want people to know that there IS hope. Microcurrent biofeedback is noninvasive, it’s passive for the patient, and the results can be seen quickly. It might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for."

To learn more about whether neurofeedback might help your family, call (903) 805-0229 or visit trinityintegrativecare.orgTrinity Integrative Care offers a 25 percent discount for veterans and first responders and a sliding scale fee for those unable to afford care.

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