With the rash of school shootings, school-yard fights, and general mayhem in our children's lives, where can we look for a solution? One research team says turning off violent TV shows could be the cure for this violence. How can you take what these researchers found and help your kids?

Though no study has come up with a concrete relationship between violent TV shows and behavior, two studies have been published that believe they are on the right track.

One study from the United States, and another from New Zealand, are making connections between television shows and child behavior.

Randy Dotnga of the Healthyday Reporter explains, "The New Zealand study, for example, looked at a group of children who grew up to have a high rate of criminal convictions and found those who watched the most TV had the most problems. In the American study, however, preschool children randomly assigned to watch educational and "pro-social" shows appeared later to be better behaved than kids who watched regular programming."

There are other influences, yes. But, a child who grows up watching crime and violence in the real world with no change in television shows will, more than likely, believe that the world is made of only violence. If a child has no positive social and behavioral cues to follow, the child will only repeat aggressive attitudes and actions.

Whatever the outside influences or a predisposition to being drawn to violent TV shows, the test results coming out of Seattle are giving some apparent connections to TV and child behavior.

The Seattle study was composed of 565 3- to 5-year-olds. Some were selected to watch "regular" television shows, while the rest watched educational or "pro-social" shows.

So, it seems what a child watches can influence how they will act. It is yet to become a standard fact within the science community, but why risk that it may not be true?

If you wish to give your children the best up bringing they can get, why not try showing them educational and "pro-social" shows instead of violent shows?

So, what do you think?

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