Dallas coffee shop, Houndstooth Sylvan | Thirty was recently named the most beautiful in Texas according to Architectural DigestIt go me to thinking about how our local shops in Tyler compare.

Just focusing on two local spots in Downtown Tyler, Strada Cafe and The Foundry, I would say we've got some beauties of our own.

I don't venture out for coffee much anymore. I've significantly decreased my caffeine consumption, but when I'm looking for a relaxing and beautiful place to share a cup of joe with a friend, these two places are at the top of my list.

Strada is smaller, but not less beautiful. It has more of a quaint cafe feel. The Foundry in contrast has a more open and spacious setting. Both places have a great vibe, and you'll often see a mixture of couplings and groups chatting or holding small business  meetings. You also find individuals working and sipping on the locally sourced brew.

I doubt Architectural Digest searched the smaller towns, but I think we hold our own well with the major cities like Dallas, Houston and Austin.


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