Are you ready for a vacation to get away and just forget about everything? Well, your next vacation could be right around the corner. Carnival has returned two of their cruise ships to the port of Galveston.

The Carnival Breeze and Carnival Vista have return to the port, and it looks like they are getting prepared to start cruising again. The CDC has announced the ships can resume cruising again as long as the majority of those on board have been vaccinated.

The big question is when will cruises resume? Currently, Carnival is taking reservations for trips out of Galveston with the earliest dates offered starting in July of 2021 but that could change if restrictions ease up more, meaning they could announce cruises going out sooner.

We went to the Carnival website and they are offering four, five, and seven-day cruises to the Panama Canal and the Caribbean out of the port of Galveston.

Now, we took a look at the port of New Orleans on the Carnival website and it looks a little different on the timeline of when those ships will sail again.  The earliest we found were late October 2021, with most options available in November of 2021.

We are just excited that cruises are about to come back. Make sure to stay with us on the air and on our website as we may be doing a Gator 99.5 country cruise soon.

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