In the last couple of weeks there have been at least three confirmed alligator sightings in East Texas and just recently, two East Texas teens were lucky to have escaped from harms way.

According to media partner KLTV, a couple of teens out of Wood County were lucky to escape an alligator in Lake Hawkins.  Lake Hawkins has a reputation for having clear water, but it is also known for their wildlife, which includes alligators.

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Many of the residents love the lake and the spillway area where swimmers, fishermen, and even loungers enjoy the atmosphere.  On this particular day, two teenagers were swimming in the spillway when thy noticed they had company -  a 6-foot alligator stood between them and the exit.  The teenagers were able to get on a ledge and another teen managed to call help and were eventually rescued.

Again as the weather starts to break please be careful and watch your surroundings. And if you come across an alligator, call your local nuisance control to have them removed.

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