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Some people just have extra cars. An extra car they don't drive every day and that they use for special occasions. While nice to have, you've got to have a parking space for it at home, and having more vehicles than garage space is an issue. One of them (if not more) will be left outside in the elements.

I know this all too well. No, I don't have an extra or special occasion car, it's because I now have a teenage driver who has her own car. Since having her own vehicle she and my wife park in the garage and it seems like I'm playing musical chairs here more often with my truck because I'm always blocking someone in as they try to back out of the garage and I'm constantly moving my truck from one side of the driveway to the other.

I am not in a unique position, I see other families in my neighborhood go through the same struggles with their teen drivers. I guess it's just a first-world problem. Well, if you've got an extra or special occasion car, you know the struggle too. There is a home in Tyler that just went on the market that could alleviate and solve your parking issues for you if you've got four vehicles and only a three-car garage, but it would involve you moving though.

The house in The Woods subdivision has a three-car garage that features a special lift so you can park another car in the garage with your 'everyday cars'. The only thing is though you can't have like three large SUV's or trucks because they would be too big. But if you've got a muscle car, sports car, sedan or low profile vintage car, this garage will most likely work out for you.

Once you have plenty of room for your vehicles because that's why you buy a house right? You'll have plenty of space to stretch out, relax and host some killer parties in your seven-bedroom five-and-a-half bath 6,354 square foot home on 2.77 acres of land on the southeast side of Tyler.  Check out this home on Brighton Creek Cr. in Tyler.

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