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The closing of one of Tyler's Jack In The Box locations made the rounds last week and it really go Tyler residents speaking their minds.

It's never fun to report that a business has closed, but in the case of the Jack In The Box on S. Broadway in front of Target, it was silently closed over a week ago before making the news on social media. The menu boards were removed, the signage from the windows and on the side of the building, but the Jack In The Box branding remains on the building as of Sunday, September 12th.

Since this closing came to light, it didn't take Tyler residents long to voice their opinion on what it should turn into and what other kinds of businesses should come to Tyler. Some residents would like to see the return of Fazoli's, Genghis Grill, Luby's, Five Guys Burgers, Smashburger and Steak N Shake, which all have recently closed.

There was no shortage of suggestions in favor of a Waffle House, Pluckers, Rosa's Mexican Cafe even another Chick-Fil-A!

Then there was this comment from Jim Noble that was second by Marisol Vasquez:

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Without a doubt, something new will take over that prime real estate and we'll all flock to it during the first three weeks it's open and while many will rave about the new business, there will be those that will rant over it because it'll have crappy service when it first opens. It's a pattern I see anytime a new restaurant opens up here in Tyler.

Until the new place is announced and opened, take a look at some of the suggestions from Tyler residents on what they say should go in and take over the old Jack In The Box location on S. Broadway near Target in Tyler.

What Should Replace The Jack In The Box On S. Broadway?

The news of the closing of one of Tyler’s Jack In The Box locations made the rounds and Tyler residents were quick to speak their minds on what should replace it. The following is a list of suggestions that should come to Tyler and be built on the corner of South Broadway Ave. at South Town Dr. in front of Target.

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