For fans of the toy store "Toys R' Us", they received some good news a few weeks ago about the company being brought again and their plans to reopen stores in select locations across the country later on this year. With this news though, its pretty safe to say that either Tyler is not on the list or they plan on opening up somewhere else.

The discount store "Ollie's Bargain Outlet" will be taking over the former toy stores space, announcing their arrival with a banner on the front windows.

According to KLTV, the store has not announced an opening date yet. They already have locations in Longview and Marshall and this seems to be their "move" to take over old Toys R' Us locations because they just opened one in Central Texas where I just moved from, in their old location as well.

This will likely create more jobs for the city which is a good thing but it also could potentially put the nail in the coffin for a possible return of Toys R' Us to Tyler, but hopefully the toy brand will find its back to East Texas if they are still moving forward with plans to relaunch it.

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