One thing Tyler residents take issue with while traveling around the city is the amount of traffic and the number of traffic lights that are altering the flow of traffic.

While traveling Gentry Parkway, South Broadway, or along Loop 323 drivers wish the timing of the lights could be better synchronized so that there wasn't so much stopping and starting. Sometimes it feels like you must stop at every intersection because the light is red.

The City Of Tyler's traffic department has been working to address this issue and they have developed a master plan for traffic called the Intelligent Traffic System Master Plan. The plan was commissioned in 2019 and portions of that plan have already been implemented with the retiming of some traffic corridors within the city.

The Tyler traffic department plans on implementing another portion of the master plan this week and this will involve some work at some of the city's busiest intersections.

Traffic control boxes are being upgraded

Traffic signal boxes at various intersections will be upgraded for future infrastructure and equipment upgrades along with battery backups at some locations. Drivers could encounter 'dark' traffic lights during this upgrade on the following Tyler intersections:

  • Grande Boulevard and Hollytree Drive
  • Loop 323 and South Broadway Avenue
  • Loop 323 and Frankston Highway
  • Loop 323 and Old Bullard Road
  • Old Bullard Road and Rice Road
  • Beckham Avenue and Hospital Drive

Treat 'dark' traffic lights and intersections as a 4-way stop.

While work is being conducted on these traffic control boxes, Tyler Police may be on the scene to help direct traffic. In the event they are not present, if you come up on a dark traffic light treat the intersection as a 4-way stop and come to a complete stop and make sure some other driver isn't going to blow through the intersection before proceeding.

The city anticipates the work to be wrapped up at all the affected intersections by Thursday afternoon.

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