I know being a college student can be tough especially when you're sacrificing so much fun to finish your education. I have a kid that's wrapping up college now in Washington D.C and he would always harass us for a car but we refused to buy him one because he's going to school in a city that has TONS of public transportation including buses and a train system.

Like most college kids his age, he decided that riding public transportation wasn't good enough so he brought himself a car which I ain't mad at. But now we get complaints (and cash app requests) to help him with maintenance on said car and its to the point that now he realizes that "public transportation" maybe the way to go and now he uses it more and leaves his car parked.

I shared that story with you because as a parent, I know you get worried from time to time about how your college kid gets from point A to point B if they don't have a car. Tyler Transit is stepping up to help this summer!

A new express shuttle route for the City of Tyler Transit Department will offer free rides to local grocery stores for University of Texas at Tyler and Tyler Junior College students, faculty and staff.

Its called the "Campus Express" and it begins July 7. The service will run twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays beginning at 10 a.m. departing Victory Village and will run until 3 p.m. making its final drop off at the UT Tyler Police Department. All you need to ride is a valid student and employee ID.

City of Tyler
City of Tyler

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