Stevie Jo, from Tyler and a graduate of Chapel Hill High School, had one opportunity to make a big impression upon the vocal coaches during the blind auditions of 'The Voice' last night. In addition, he took a big risk by performing one of their songs but it paid off for him!

Stevie Jo is now a part of Team Usher! He took the chance and auditioned with "There Goes My Baby" originally performed by Usher. All four judges seemed to be waiting for the right moment before hitting the button to be revealed and when Stevie hit one particular note, that's all Usher had to hear to push his button.

His favorite format to sing is R&B and completely shocked the other judges when they didn't push their buttons because they all thought he was a black guy from his performance.  If they had hit their buttons they were for sure he was going to pick Usher to be his vocal coach.

His journey will continue on 'The Voice' in the next couple of weeks, blind auditions continue tonight on NBC.


Before his debut on The Voice he had the opportunity to address the Chapel Hill Bulldog student body via morning announcements!