It's important to know when to have your trash at the curb, and when not to have it there. Here's your updated schedule.

The City of Tyler's Solid Waste Department recently sent out their latest Holiday Garbage Collection Schedule for the remainder of 2019 through May of 2020.

You'll want to note when garbage pick ups are scheduled regularly and when they are adjusted for City Holidays.

The first one to note is Independence Day, followed by Labor Day in September. The next Holiday of note falls in November. All those leftovers and holiday shopping bags will need to go to the curb, so watch for adjusted dates.

Obviously Christmas will soon follow and then New Year's Day, and with all of the Christmas gifts, packages and dining, you know you'll need to note the collection schedule as what will head to the curb will likely be larger quantities than normal.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day will be the next holiday of note, followed by Good Friday and finally Memorial Day.

City of Tyler
City of Tyler

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