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I get it, the last year was eventful to say the least.  We had a record-setting hurricane season in Louisiana, a planet-wide viral pandemic, the most insane presidential election of all time - and that's just the top 3!  That's why I can forgive those didn't notice the most important news report in all of human history - we don't seem to be alone in the universe anymore.

Right before the COVID-19 pandemic crisis really hit, a report from the Washington post confirmed what a lot of true believers already felt was true.  Leaked video that seemed to originate from the cockpit of a U.S. military aircraft showed and encounter with a craft that could not be identified - and the Navy confirmed that it is 100% real.  While this isn't exactly the smoking gun that confirms that intelligent life exists beyond our planet, it is clear that the pilot (who is trained extremely well in identifying all aircraft at high speeds from the cockpit) has no idea what the object is.

Since then, more videos have surfaced - and some of them have also been confirmed to be 100% by our own government.  The latest seems to show a video shot from a mobile phone through a night-vision monocular.  Once again, the U.S. Military has confirmed that this is not a hoax.

The Pentagon has even gone on to say that they are in possession of “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.”

So, what to we do?  If you are a bookie in Las Vegas, you adjust your odds.  The Daily Star is reporting that the odds on alien contact have been slashed - a lot.  Before the Pentagon confirmed the validity of the last video, the odds of us meeting people from beyond Earth was 200 to 1.  Now they are only 20 to 1.  That's not all, the odds of it happening this month (already halfway gone) dropped from 500 to 1, down to 50 to 1!

When Vegas bookies start hedging their bets on this particular issue, it's time to start tidying up the place - it looks like we may have company.

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