As a Veteran myself, its always cool to get discounts on stuff. Most vets will tell you that we don't mind paying full price (there's a bunch of you who won't buy a thing unless you get know who you are) but nonetheless we're grateful for the gesture and appreciation.

That's why this morning when I came across a press release from The City Of Tyler and Tyler Transit announcing that veterans can receive discounted fares on Tyler Transit, I was kind of intrigued and wanted to know more. I used to take public transit to work in the pre-pandemic days so I thought this was something a lot of vets need to know about!


Starting in September, Tyler Transit will offer veterans discounted rides on fixed routes when presenting the Tyler R.O.S.E (Recognizing Our Service Members Everyday) Discount Card. All trips will be half the original cost except for the All Day Pass, which will remain $2 for everyone.


The Tyler R.O.S.E. Discount Card is a partnership between the Tyler Chamber of Commerce and CampV. Tyler area veterans are invited to join the program by enrolling in person at the Tyler Chamber of Commerce. Upon enrollment you will receive a Tyler R.O.S.E. card to be used as an identification tool to receive participating businesses discounts for services or products offered.

Just complete the Veteran Enrollment Application in person at the Tyler Chamber of Commerce at 315 N. Broadway Ave. Ste. 100. As part of the application you must show some form of proof indicating that you are a veteran. It may be your DD-214, Military ID, Department of Veterans Affairs ID, Veterans Post Membership ID or Driver’s License indicating Veteran.

Salute to all my fellow vets and enjoy your discounts!

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