Victoria Beckham keeps all of her kids' teeth in a bucket.

On Saturday (May 1), the former Spice Girl shared with her Instagram followers that she has "an entire bucket full" of her children's baby teeth.

After 9-year-old daughter Harper recently lost a tooth, Beckham decided to document the occasion.

"Okay, so Harper Seven's tooth fell out last night, she left her tooth by her bed," Beckham said in a video."And look, the Tooth Fairy came, left her a little note. Left her a few little notes, to tell Harper she's funny, sensitive, smart, generous, kind, a great daughter, she's loving, a great sister."

The fashion designer then revealed where she keeps all her kids' precious baby teeth.

"And I've got another tooth to add to my collection," she added. "So I have a question for the 'Gram. What do all the mummies and daddies do with all the collected teeth? I've got an entire bucket full of all my kids' teeth. What do we do with them?"

Fans responded with suggestions like putting them in a candy bowl for Halloween or making a picture frame out of them. However, her "favorite response" was from her son Brooklyn's fiancée, Nicola Peltz.

"Dip it gold and wear them on a necklace!" Peltz commented.

Just last month, Peltz and her future husband revealed to Vogue that they wear each other's gold-dipped wisdom teeth as pendants on necklaces.

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