Here in East Texas, we finally have the luxury of our favorite fast food spots offering delivery - Whataburger being my personal favorite - all thanks to new measures put in place by these companies or third party companies that offer these services.

Of course, with the benefit of not having to leave your home comes with associated fees. Some companies charge a delivery fee, or simply have higher pricing for items associated with a future delivery.

After your food gets to you, you're then expected to tip the wonderful driver that has taken the time to bring you your order - come hell or high water. That's where we run into an issue that was addressed in a Ring doorbell video posted to YouTube today - just how much do you tip your delivery driver?

To set up this story, let's put a East Texas spin on it (this happened in New York). You order your food through the DoorDash app, you pay AND tip in advance, then await your order. Our East Texas roads can feel kind of long if you're following a winding road through the Pineywoods, having to wait behind a school bus on a two-lane road, or waiting on a group of chickens to pass from one part of their property to the other (well, that one may only apply to a few of you). You get the point, we're not all living within city limits.

When the DoorDash driver arrives at your door, they're unhappy with the tip you added due to the amount of time it took them to get to you...THEN they leave with your food. You've got to watch this one for yourself:

So who's at fault here? Is it the DoorDash delivery driver or the customer?

She says that it took her 40 minutes to reach him, and that he "must not have realized how far [the restaurant] was".

Meanwhile, the customer seems utterly confused as to WHY his tip (that is not required, but encouraged) didn't suffice. He says the drive was 15 to 20 minutes and not 40.

The two never reached an agreement in the video and she LEFT WITH HIS FOOD.

I really want you guys and gals to sound off in the comments because I'm sure you have feelings about this one. What would you do?

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