Last night was the second most important night in a child's life, right behind Christmas Eve, where they can dress up and run door to door and get bucket loads of candy.  Whether its chocolate or sugar based candy they don't care, as long as it's candy they're taking it!  Last night my daughter got dressed up and we took her to different neighborhoods along with a couple of other neighbor kids and they came back with quite a haul.

When I got to work this morning I heard the oddest thing about some kids trick or treating at a co-workers house which I thought was pretty funny and odd at the same time.  More after the jump.

My co-workers candy supply was cut a little short by her son, who gave away a bunch of the candy to the neighborhood association, but she had a little stash just in case some came by the house.  Well apparently she wasn't prepared for the onslaught of trick or treaters and she basically ran out of candy and just as she went to turn the porch light off 2 little boys and a little baby girl rang the doorbell saying Trick or Treat!

Well, my co-worker felt bad because she didn't have any candy left so she went to her kitchen cabinet and found a couple of honey buns for the boys and also pulled out a can of Vienna Sausages out of the cabinet and put in the little girls trick or treat bag!

Now, when I heard this I have to admit I laughed because it's one of the most strangest things (and random things) I can think of to put in a little kids trick or treat bucket!

So that got me to thinking, what was the strangest thing I ever received when I was trick or treating and I can remember getting a deck of cards one time and I'm sure you have gotten something pretty wild too!.  Let me know what it was by leaving it in the comment section below.

Hope you had a fun Halloween and but now don't overload on the chocolate!