It seems like folks are always finding religious imagery and/or faces in things, from tortillas to fabrics to, now, a tree in Texas.

I wasn't kidding about the tortilla. Seriously, click here. As for fabrics, the most famous example of that, I've actually seen for myself. It's on a cloak that was wrapped around roses given to Juan Diego, in 1531, by the Virgin Mary herself.

Almost 500 years later, the image is still visible. It's on display in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico city, Mexico. You can read that entire, amazing story here.

Getting back to the Virgin Mary's image in Texas. It's on a tree in Garden Oaks, an area northwest of downtown Houston. It originally appeared about 10 years ago and, over time, the image has faded. Belief has not.

But this tree’s faded imagery and changing form hasn’t stopped Houstonians from still paying respect to it. Indeed, on my visit, I noticed a nailed image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the tree itself, along with numerous silk flowers, including fuchsia carnations and deep red roses. The space around the tree was kept quite immaculate, too—especially for Houston streets—as if visitors and admirers make sure to take care of the rooted home of the so-called Virgin Mary Tree. - texashighways

Can you see it? Click here for a pic.

Everything is bigger in Texas ... including our "Mary on a tree" count.

Believe it or not, there's another image of the Virgin Mary, also on a tree, across town in southeast Houston. Only some see Mary in that one though, others see angels and many, including the guy quoted in this abc 13 story, see Jesus Christ.

You be the judge ...

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