I know they say it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, but whoever said that never enjoyed the delicious nachos from McCann Street Grill in Longview, before they closed their doors for good.

The world is a darker place since they went out of business. Wait, was a darker place. Today, Robert Brown posted a recipe in the All Things Longview Facebook group that he claims is for those McCann Street Grill nachos that you and I have been missing for far too long.

Ready to try it out? Worst case scenario, it's not the same recipe and you end up with a plate of nachos to eat. It's win, win.

So Brown posted that he "just got off the phone w/ Juan who was the cook at McCann Street for 7 years and this is what he told me about the nachos we all loved." And here we go!

  1. Real tortillas - ben e keith - cut in fourths and fried - La Fama would be good (not just a bag of chips)
  2. Whole pinto beans / boiled and seasoned / home made / no liquid / not soggy (not refried)
  3. real sausage (added to the beans)
  4. little bit of brown sugar / salt
  5. Meat - ground beef lean 92/8 season w/ taco seasoning, smush and drain the grease and add seasoning after
  6. Sharp Cheddar Cheese - thick grated
  7. Cooked in the oven 350 degrees to crisp and melt the cheese
  8. Vegetables: Romaine Lettuce, Jalapenos, Tomatoes

Brown also said that Juan recommends the half order as "it tasted a little better" pointing out that "the double order would have a less crispy center layer."

Who's ready for NACHOS!

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