Now that many East Texans have received their college degrees and begin to journey into the workforce, one area of business that is in high demand but a lot of people don't want to do is work in "retail". For many college grads, "retail" is normally the job most work while in school but the nation's largest retailer is doing something to lure those college grads into permanent careers with the company with a new program.

This summer, Walmart will pilot a new careers program aimed at giving degree holders experience running Walmart stores.

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According to Business Insider, under the "College2Career" program, college leavers, or those who graduated within the previous 12 months, will be partnered with company leaders to learn how to run a Walmart store. At the end of the program, high performers will be offered a newly created management position of "emerging coach" which comes with a salary of $65,000, in preparation for a move into store management roles within two years. If you're successful, and become a store manager, your salary will jump significantly!

The average salary of store managers was $210,000 in 2021.

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It can usually take as long as 10 years on average to progress from a salaried coach role to a store manager according to Walmart, but this new "fast track" program will definitely speed up that process. Participants will receive a mixture of classroom training and hands-on experience at a local store. Walmart did not disclose when applications will open or how many positions will be available but if you're a new college grad and you're finding it tough to get into your chosen field, this is an option to consider!

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