With the rising costs of life, especially food costs, we're all looking to save a little money. Instead of going to meat markets, we tend to resort to going to the grocery store or Walmart in Texas.

Well, if you're going to Walmart to get your meat, you may be getting yourself less than you're actually paying for.

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A class action lawsuit was recently filed against Walmart when it comes to the weight of the meat and the price you're paying for it.

The lawsuit states that the price you're paying per pound on the meat doesn't match the listed price on the tag where the meat is in the shelf. The picture I saw showed the tag on the shelf showing $3.78 per pound for some pork boneless ribs. However, when you look at the sticker on the package, it shows $3.98 per pound.

Now, this can be viewed one of two ways. One, it could be that the price of the meat increased when they were putting those packages out and hadn't had the chance to change the display tag. Two, it could be that they were trying to deceive you knowing 99% of people won't look at the package price, but only the display price.

I don't want to speculate one way or the other on which one it is. I'd like to think a big retailer like Walmart wasn't trying to take advantage of people in some difficult times, but as they say, anything is possible.

I say that because there is another rumor (and I stress RUMOR here) that the weight showing on the package of the meat isn't actually the true weight. There have been a couple of reports that have filtered in saying the weight on the package is different from when it's placed on the scale.

Walmart has denied any wrongdoing when it comes to the pricing, however, they decided to quickly settle out of court with a $45 million settlement amount to reimburse customers who may have been affected by this.

As for the weight difference rumors, we'll be keeping our eyes open on that.

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