The Tyler dentist who shooked our community in December of 2010 with the news of his crimes against his employee and her daughter has plead guilty to his most serious charges. The prosecutor in the case, Tonya Curry explains that the victims were not eager to testify as they didn't want to become victimized again with the viewing of the surveillance tapes taken by their landlord, Dr. Robinson by the jury -- shocking details after the jump.

KLTV reports:

Curry says finding a way to put Robinson in prison took creativity, "We took what normally would be a state jail felony, a 2 year maximum offense and were able to charge it in such a manner that it actually made it a first degree felony so that we can get 10 years instead of 2 years."

Robinson's tenant and her daughter have settled a civil lawsuit against him.

Do you think justice was served?

Do you think that the undisclosed civil suit had any weight in the victims not wanting to testify?

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