After studying, stressing, and going through the SATs once in October a few dozen El Paso, TX high school teens will have to retake their tests after the delivery system let them down.

As it stands right now, KTSM-TV is reporting that the El Paso Independent School District tests were submitted to UPS, but the the test sheets were lost in transit, and as of this posting 55 SAT sheets were still missing.

“El Paso ISD is working closely with the College Board to determine a remedy for the El Paso High School students whose SAT exams were lost in transit after they were securely submitted to UPS. The incident affects students who took the exam on Oct. 27 on campus,” EPISD spokeswoman Liza Rodriguez said in a statement.

While the school says that they correctly submitted the tests to UPS, it appears that the driver did not properly secure the truck.

On top of having to retake the test, these sheets contain a lot of personal information, something that Student Body President Zyenna Martinez is concerned about.

“On the test score sheets, we have all of our information and identification on the score — our location where we live, our address, our date of birth, all of our information. And it stinks because our identity is out there right now. Some people could have picked up some flyers,” Martinez said via KTSM-TV


And talk about coincidence, one El Paso student was actually driving by as it was happening and videoed the test blowing across the street like tumbleweeds in that wild west Texas wind.

UPS has apologized about the incident saying employees are still looking for missing tests. In the meantime students whose tests were lost will be retaking the SATs in December.

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