Watching Pop Watch is not for the easily offended. And if you are easily offended, man are you missing out. The Pop Watch Facebook channel is wonderful. By now everyone knows Longview's own Joe Mack Roy aka 'Pop' from Pop Watch, Pop is more popular than pop star Ariana Grande.. in some circles.

Pop always keeps it real, and with subscribers numbering well over 3 million, folks from all across the U.S. are enjoying his realness. Now, we all know that he will always speak his mind even when his grandson Jason and most of East Texas don't approve -- but ya gotta think after the Cowboys early exit from the postseason there are more East Texans feeling Pop today.

Pop claims he didn't watch the the Wildcard game, but regardless, according to Jason, Pop almost got left at the house today. Don't no one want to run errands around Longview with someone wearing a Green Bay Packers hat.

A few Pop highlights from this video:

"Your Dallas Cowboys aint worth a sh*t!"
"Jason there ain't enough Doctors in the world to make you look as good as me!"
"Skip your Doctor's appointment and let's go check out some wiggling b**ties!"

Yes, it's clear that Pop is still keeping an eye out for booties in Longview.

And it's true, Pop does get more of a pass than most people would with the things he says, but he's just so darn likeable. Even when he's rooting for the Green Bay Packers, we just love watching our Pop Watch videos.

Thanks, Pop!

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