Once again, I don't know what I'm doing. I get lucky, and these picks are totally at random. Review at your own risk.We may be 10 weeks into the season, but I haven't really learned much at this point. We'll see if any of these actually come to fruition! Either way, the games will be on at my house. Ha ha! Here's my pick 'em!

Thursday, November 15

  • Packers at Seahawks - Seahawks

Sunday, November 18

  • Bengals at Ravens - Ravens
  • Panthers at Lions - Panthers
  • Titans at Colts - Colts
  • Cowboys at Falcons - Cowboys
  • Buccaneers at Giants - Giants
  • Texans at Redskins - Texans
  • Steelers at Jaguars - Steelers
  • Broncos at Chargers - Broncos
  • Raiders at Arizona - Raiders
  • Eagles at Saints - Saints
  • Vikings at Bears - Bears

Monday, November 19

  • Chiefs at Rams - Rams

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