Jigsaw may have won the weekend, but don’t count on a full revival of Saw just yet. Although you’d think audiences would be flocking to the theater for a few pre-holiday thrills, this Halloween weekend was incredibly weak overall. Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! and Geostorm round out the top three at the box office, but low grosses make these “wins” feel more like consolation prizes just for showing up.

Lionsgate took the top two spots at the box office this weekend, but a $16.25 million debut for Jigsaw probably isn’t the big comeback they were hoping for with the new reboot / sequel. Boo 2! and Jigsaw fared okay with their respective established audiences, though if Lionsgate was banking on introducing Tobin Bell’s murderous mastermind to a new generation, they didn’t exactly hit that target. As for Geostorm…well, bad word-of-mouth is still word-of-mouth, and I’m sure plenty of folks were curious to peep that train wreck for themselves. Here’s this week’s full top 10:

FilmWeekendPer ScreenTotal
2Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! $10,000,000 (-53%)$4,188$35,521,643
3Geostorm$5,675,000 (-59%)$1,748$23,553,368
4Happy Death Day$5,099,000 (-46%)$1,442$48,393,525
5Blade Runner 2049$3,965,000 (-46%)$1,638$81,385,785
6Thank You for Your Service$3,702,000$1,802$3,702,000
7Only the Brave$3,450,000 (-43%)$1,339$11,940,057
8The Foreigner$3,210,000 (-45%)$1,281$28,827,318
10It$2,465,000 (-29%)$963$323,730,202

Also debuting this weekend to underwhelming numbers: The Miles Teller PTSD drama Thank You for Your Service and George Clooney’s Suburbicon, neither of which particularly wowed audiences.

Despite underperforming in the few weeks since its opening, Blade Runner 2049 continues to hang out in the middle of the top 10; it won’t gross nearly enough domestically to guarantee a follow-up, but the $150 million-budgeted sci-fi sequel is currently sitting at $223 million internationally — better than some might have speculated given the muted response.

Happy Death Day isn’t the box office breakout some of us might have hoped, but the surprisingly fun spin on the slasher genre is still doing okay in its third week. Meanwhile, IT might finally be on its way out of the top 10 after a massively successful run, during which the new Stephen King adaptation became a record-breaking R-rated hit.

But none of these stand a chance next week, when Thor and Hulk smash their way into theaters with Ragnarok.

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