Talk About The Deal Of A Lifetime, A Young Man Noticed A Pricing Mistake On A Jeweler's Website and Jumped All Over It.

A 27-year-old man snagged $14,000 Cartier earrings for under $14 due to a pricing error on the website.

Rogelio Villarreal, a Mexican citizen, shared on social media that he was scrolling around on the Cartier website on Dec. 12, 2023, when he noticed the 18-carat rose gold Clash de Cartier earrings on the jeweler’s website.

Cartier made a BIG mistake...

They listed the diamond earrings for 237 pesos ($14), instead of the correct price, 237,000 pesos ($14,000).

Villarreal said he “broke out in a cold sweat” after seeing the offer on the jeweler’s website but jumped at the opportunity.

He decided to order not one, but two sets.

Money in wallet
Nopphon Pattanasri

What followed was months of back and forth during which he says Cartier offered him a consolation prize (a bottle of champagne) instead of the jewelry, and during which Mexican officials backed his position that the company should honor the advertised price.

Mexican consumer law requires businesses to sell their products at their listed price.
If they don't, customers can file a complaint and send proof that they bought it at that price, but haven't received.

Villarreal finally got the earrings last week, at his price.


He posted a video online of himself unboxing the merchandise. A wild story but its nice to see us little guys make a major come up. Okay, I'll be on the Louis Vuitton website for the rest of the night and hopefully they will screw up...Wish me luck!

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