Happiness is something we all want. There are so many ways for any Texan to be happy isn't there? Whether it be a favorite food, or partaking in our favorite hobby, to just enjoying the state of Texas.

To make someone smile in this state, it's not that much of a challenge. But happiness levels in the Lone Star State can be all over the place, mainly due to a variety of factors. But where is the are happiest of Texans located?

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Thankfully, there is data that will show us where the Texans that feel the happiness are located. Thanks to CreditDonkey, we're able to share who feels the warmest. But before we get into the list, what are the factors that are included?

Well, they are as follows:

- Restaurants
- Crime rate
- Commute
- Departure time
- Income
- Divorce rate
- Housing

So with all of this considered, let's reveal the top ten shall we? Of course, the previously mentioned CreditDonkey has provided the data for us.

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