They are among the most coveted tickets on planet Earth, tickets to Super Bowl LIII! They're extremely hard to come by though.

Unlike concert and special event tickets, tickets to the Super Bowl are tightly controlled by the NFL. You can't wait in line for hours or hit the refresh button on your laptop a gagillion times to be the first to buy tickets to the biggest game on the planet. Your best bet to get a pair of tickets to the game is to be an extremely close friend to Tom Brady, Jared Goff or one of owners of the New England Patriots or L.A. Rams!

When it comes to distributing tickets for the big game here's how the distribution breaks down:

  • 25% NFL league office
  • 17.5% AFC championship team
  • 17.5% NFC championship team
  • 5% Super Bowl host team
  • 35% distributed evenly among the league's other 30 teams (about 1.2% per team)

Up until recently, NFL fans could enter a lottery system to buy tickets, but that system has been mostly abandoned by the NFL. To get tickets now you'll need to look on ticket resale sites because that's where ticket brokers will put them up for sale, but you'll need to be prepared to spend quite a bit of money for them though. According to CBS, tickets for the very first Super Bowl went for $12 (equivalent to $85 today), in today's market you'll be spending as much as $1500 per ticket to the game if not more. Another way to get tickets is to be some kind of major sponsor of the NFL because the league office will give tickets to their partners, sponsors, media and network affiliations.

Bottom line is, unless you're extremely lucky with a brokerage service or score them from a resale site after paying a high price for them, you'll most likely be watching Super Bowl LIII on CBS just like me!

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