Some people really love to enjoy a romantic night out for Valentine's Day with their sweetheart. Personally, I prefer to stay in.

Now, let me say this first... I'm spoiled. My husband is an excellent cook. He enjoys finding new recipes, and perfecting them in the kitchen. For a few years, he wanted to find a great recipe for lamb. Initially, I wasn't excited about this idea. I had never really enjoyed lamb when I had eaten it.

Then he discovered a recipe from Chef Marco Pierre White which incorporates kalamata olives, olive oil and fresh rosemary. In this video, Chef White explains how he achieves this delicious recipe.

My husband has watched this over and over again, he creates the wonderful pan juices, and it's absolutely decadent. We choose to pair it with couscous, and sometimes roasted brussels sprouts or aspargus. We also typically enjoy a nice bottle of cabernet wine with it as well.

We'll probably dine out this weekend, but tonight we dine in!

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