I'm so thankful to have such a fun job! Today a friend made through work stopped by and took some co-workers and myself to lunch to catch up.

We not only ate delicious BBQ, but she shared her latest adventures in the world of the music industry and we were able to laugh and share fun memories about bands that inspired us in our early adult years.

She and I have both worked in and around radio for a long time, but in addition to working with artists and musicians we both share a true appreciation for them. We discovered today that we both are big fans of alternative bands that originate from the East Bay.

If you're not into alternative or punk music that may not mean much today, but maybe you've heard of a band called Green Day? She was into AFI and I was drawn to a band that called themselves 'The Locals' until they were sued by a lady named Yvonne who happened to be back by a band called the Locals in Chicago. My friends then changed their name to The Matches, and titled their debut album E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals. Get it?

The bands that we are both into do not make the same type of music, but they both drew out a passionate reaction in each of us.

Today, I'm grateful to work in an industry that I love and inspires me daily.