Today I'm thankful for mentors. I've had  more than my fair share, and they have each taught me something different.

Both of my parents worked strange hours during my childhood. It was not unusual for me to stay over night at a baby-sitter's house during the week while my mom was working the night shift at a local chemical plant and my dad was hauling a train from Longview to Ft. Worth.

The phrase 'it takes a village' was appropriately applied to my childhood. From baby-sitters, to my friends' parents and a handful of incredible educators I feel blessed to have had a well-rounded up-bringing.

As an adult I have found myself in similar situations. I'm continuously drawn to people who share their wisdom, time and talents with me. I've been lucky to for and with some of the best in the business, and stay friends with them even though we've moved on to other jobs with different employers.

Mentors are special people, and for the many that I have had in my life I am eternally grateful.