Today I'm thankful for my vehicle. It's nothing fancy, but it gets me from point a to point b effectively.

I've driven the same model car for the past ten years. I fell in love with my Scion tC the first time I drove it. My first one was a 2005 white model with black interior. It was a manual transmission, and I enjoyed driving it. The car had quite a bit more torque than I was used to in my previous sedan.

My little Scion, looks like a two door coupe, but is actually a three-door hatch back. When I lost my first one in an accident in the summer of 2009, I began hunting for another one. This time I was going to have a black 5-speed with a great sound system. After all, shouldn't a DJ have a great sound system in their vehicle to jam the radio station?

I thought so. I love my car. She's been trusty, reliable and never failed to get me where I needed to go. I'm nearly ready to trade her in for something a little bit bigger and sturdier, but for right now I'm thankful that I have her.