Cats love fresh air. They love to lay in the sun, and yet we don't always want to let them roam free outside. Now, there's a solution - the 'Catio.'

KLTV recently featured a story on Jeff Bussey who built his first catio, and then expanded on the structure. What began as tunnel connecting two windows turned into a 10 by 10 feet room that's 10 feet tall.

The cats enjoy mazes, bridges, landings and more in this outdoor environment safe from harm from outside predators.

Inside the house I've provided cat trees and ledges for them near windows to peer out, but have yet to provide an enclosure for mine. After seeing Bussey's work, and looking into other creative outdoor enclosures attached to houses, I'm considering installing one.

I know my cat, Tammy would love it. Right now she loves it anytime we open a window. She crouches in our window sill and sniffs the fresh air. I can only imagine the play and adventures she would have in an enclosure like these.









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