Texas LOVES world records. We've seen plenty of intriguing ones in the past; like world's biggest video game collection, world's biggest gathering of people making s'mores, and a real life Guitar Hero. While those are truly unique, there's one record that Texas has that no other state has. It involves fire but it's not what you think. For this, we have to travel to League City for a giant gathering.

What's the weirdest world record that Texas has?

On October 12, 2018, nearly 2,000 people (1,989 to be exact) gathered at the Challenger Columbia Stadium. Every single person was there for a reason: to get down on the floor... and stop, drop, and roll.

Yes, you saw that correctly; 1,989 people came together to break the record for "most people participating in a Stop, Drop & Roll demonstration". The previous record was 1,719 participants. This record was featured by MentalFloss and was chosen by them as Texas' weirdest world record.

After the 30 seconds was over, someone from the Guinness World Records counted every single person and was able to confirm that yes... League City, Texas was the new owner for the record. They still currently hold the record.

It's a very impressive record indeed... perhaps one day El Paso will take the challenge and we can attempt to break the record inside the UTEP Sun Bowl. Hey if they can hold annual Monster Jam events & huge concerts that have held THOUSANDS of people in the past... I see no reason why we wouldn't be up for this momentous task.

But until that day arrives, congratulations League City for holding what is certainly one of the strangest and unique world records in all of Texas...

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