It Started As A "Menu Hack" But Now Its Officially On The Menu!

There's an old saying "You've Got To Give The People What They Want" and apparently the PEOPLE want more chili and cheese at Whataburger as the chain announced that Chili Cheese Fries would be the latest item added to the menu but only for a limited time.

We've been following the developments of all things Chili Cheese For A Minute Now.


We told you a few weeks back after an EXCLUSIVE piece of investigation journalism by yours truly about word going around that with the introduction of its Chili Cheese Burger that customers were able to order chili cheese fries but they had to ask for it specifically.

There Are Now Rumblings On Social Media On ANOTHER Whataburger Menu Hack Involving Chili Cheese.


Aaron Ritchie via Whataburger Fanatics on Facebook
Aaron Ritchie via Whataburger Fanatics on Facebook

Whataburger's Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Rich Scheffler said in a statement that fans super excited about the burger began requesting chili cheese fries so the company is "answering the call". But Whataburger fanatics have began posting about another menu hack: Whataburger Frito Pie. If you plan on ordering one here's the instructions:

Just order a Chili Cheese Burger with NO BUN and if you can, NO BEEF PATTIES, then ask for the following:

  • (2-3) Xtra Corn Chips
  • (2) Chilli
  • (2)Sliced Jalapeños
  • (2) shredded cheese

Now, we can't confirm or deny that this is a real item so we be careful when you pull up and try this. Until then, enjoy all the CHILI!

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