Restaurant chains have been packaging their brands and putting their products on grocery store shelves for quite some time and now Whataburger is joining major brands like Taco Bell and T.G.I. Fridays. Whataburger hopes to take just a little market share away from Heinz and Hunts because they are putting their line of ketchup in H-E-B stores in Texas. The announcement was made on Tuesday (23rd) that H-E-B would be selling Whataburger branded ketchup, spicy ketchup and mustard.

Whataburger ketchup will be on store shelves as soon as this summer and H-E-B will be the only place you can get the bottled product as it will not be available in the restaurants except in the little single serving containers! H-E-B and Whataburger also have plans to introduce a potato chip version of their french fries!

In my opinion, Whataburger has some of the best ketchup among all the fast food chains. Now if we can only get Arby's to bottle their Arby's sauce, life would be great and to get Brookshire's to stock Whataburger ketchup, because the only H-E-B in East Texas is in Carthage!

What other fast food product or condiment would you like to be able to buy in your local grocery store?