A few months ago a friend asked me if I had tried celery juice, and I was thoroughly confused. Now, it's a craze with social influencers and celebrities.

So what's the deal? Well, they say it cures like ... everything.

Anthony William is to blame, going by the instagram handle of @medicalmedium, you'll see his feed full of information on the benefits of celery juice, and a variety of testimonials praising the effects.

Vanity Fair interviewed William about the craze. “No one’s studying celery,” he told VF. “No one’s looking into what it’s doing or has done because no one’s going to put a couple hundred million dollars into celery sticks to figure out what’s happening. It’s just not going to go on. So I had to be the one to be like, Actually, the information is coming through. This can heal people.”

He's even written a book, so you can follow the protocol that you see others following on social media.

Curious to try it? Here's a simple graphic that shows you how to get the juice!

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