Everyone of us has that old school snack or drink that we grew up on. Things you were obsessed with as a child or always had in the house. Every state was different though, and Texas is no different.

Do you remember Squeezit's? Man we used to have those in my house like crazy. Funny thing it, they weren't even that good, but we used to drink the junk out of them. When it came to snacks, it's Kudos that stick out to me for some reason. Granola type bar dunked in chocolate, but they put all sorts of cool candies in them, not just your traditional granola bar.

Well there's a new study that focuses on all these nostalgic snacks and drinks to see what's the most popular in each state thanks to Coventry, and I can't say I'm all that surprised at what the favorite in Texas was.

19 different snacks and drinks popped up in this survey as the favorite in each state, and some I had completely forgotten about. Remember Dunkaroos? Man, I had completely forgotten about them until I saw them on this list.

Teddy Grahams popped up as the favorite nostalgic snack in Iowa. Those were a constant in my house, all the different types of flavors too, and I'm talking all the way through high school they were in my house.

So what's the most popular nostalgic snack or drink in Texas? Well, you can still get them today, and my kids love them as well. That would be Capri Sun. Nothing more refreshing than pounding down a pouch in the dead of summer right? Arizona and Georgia agree with us.

So what's the overall most popular nostalgic snack? It's yet another one that's still available to this day, and that would be the infamous Ring Pop. Nearly 1/5 of the country said that was their favorite old school treat, and I see kids, including mine, still rocking those bad boys on their little fingers.

If you want to check out the full study, we've got it right here for ya.

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