September 11, 2001 is one day that no American will ever, ever forget. Whether you were in New York City, at work, at home, at school - you will always remember where you were the moment that you heard about the Twin Towers being hit. Something as traumatic as that is not something that you forget. We asked around at the station to see where people were and how they felt on that day.

Jeff Was With His Kids

“I was at home with my newborn son. He was just 5 days old when it happened. I was taking my oldest daughter to elementary school that morning when I heard the first reports on the radio.”

Danielle Was in Chorus

I was in my second hour chorus class, when the band director came in and whispered something to our teacher and left quickly. I remember watching their faces and my chorus teacher's face went instantly white and her mouth dropped. In the meantime the whole class just decided to go about our business and carry on our own conversations. Then the band director came right back, this time with a TV  and turned on the news and all we saw were the towers in smoke! The room instantly was silent and we all just sat there and stared at the television. I was mortified and instantly got sick to my stomach! I remember thinking to myself is this really happening … this can’t be happening!?

Lucky Larry Was in Oregon

“I was working on the air at Star 105.9 in Portland, OR. When the news broke on the West Coast it was pretty early in the morning. Our morning show, Jamie and Danny, immediately stopped what they were talking about and aired TV feed straight from ABC News out of NYC. Information from coming from them quicker than we could get it. I turned the TV on in our newsroom and was watching it live as it was happening and I watched that second plane go straight into building and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and my morning show, which was syndicated out of Los Angeles were echoing what I was saying to myself. Then we learned about the plane that went through the Pentagon and the other plane that went down in Shankesville, PA. Those passengers were heroes in that they saved it from heading into Washington, D.C.”

Baby J Was Studying For A Test

When 9/11 happened, I was sitting in the parking lot at TJC across from the HPE building in my car studying for an exam. I was listening to the radio (at the time it was Kiss 107 FM). The morning show broke the story, and I immediately got chills. I then called my parents to see if they were watching the news as I ran to the Student Center. They were describing in detail what was taking place. When I got to the Student Center, the news was on and the aircraft then hit the second tower! I got sick to my stomach. Students were crying and I was no exception. By the time I went to class, a student aid told everyone that the Dean had dismissed classes for the remainder of the day.

Johnny Was Newly MarriED

“I had been married less than one month, and we had just found out we were expecting. I was driving to work and when it happened they said that a missile had hit the Twin Towers. I thought to myself, “Wow, that's odd.” As I walked into work, Christie called me and told me that it was no missile, but a plane. And that's when everything went tumbling down. We sat in front of the television all day just in shock. I distinctly remember someone saying, “This country will never be the same again.”

Leslie Was In The Fourth GradE

My birthday is Sept. 12, so it's hard to forget. I had my birthday party planned for that day, but because of what happened, we had to cancel it. As a fourth grader, that's basically the end of the world. When I got in the car after school, my mom broke the news about the party and proceeded to start crying as she explained to me the events of that day. After watching the news and listening more, I realized just how serious this was, and I realized how much of an effect this was going to have on the rest of my life.

Chase Was Only a Sophomore

I was 15 years old, a sophomore in high school and on my way to school. My grandmother was driving me, since my mom was out of town for work. We heard on the radio just before 8 a.m. that a plane had hit the World Trade Center, but we both took it as a small one-seater just flew too low and crashed into it. When I got to school and into my first class, there was already a TV inside with the news on. That's when I saw what really happened. The rest of the day was spent watching TV or listening to the radio. My mom was a government employee at the time and was in lockdown at her meeting, so we couldn't get in touch with each other for almost a day. To say it was a day I'll never forget is an incredible understatement. Life really stood still that day.

Amy Recalls Being In New York Just Two Weeks Before

I will never forget where I was on that fateful day. I had just gotten back home from walking my sweet daughter Chloe to kindergarten. I came into the house through the backdoor and there was this image on TV -- the Twin Towers on fire. I called my husband to tell him what I thought was going on, and in that instant I saw the second plane fly into the second tower. That’s when I knew this was not an accident. Two weeks before 9-11, my husband and I had just returned from a great vacation in NYC. On our visit we had visited the World Trade Center.

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