When it comes to a clean house, my wife and I like to keep ours as clean as we can, but there are those times when the dishes pile up and neither one of us wants to touch them!

It's just a part of life, you've gotta clean house from time to time. Whether it's loading the dishwasher with dirty dishes, separating darks from colors for wash day, dusting, sweeping up dog and cat hair, vacuuming, cleaning bathroom or kitchen counters to cleaning the toilets it's a job and someone has to do it.

Now if you live on your own, it's all up to you for these jobs to get done. However, if you're married or living with someone or several people you have the option to divide these chores up! Whether it's on a some kind of rotating schedule or it's your full time responsibility, household chores have to be done.

I don't really mind helping out around the house with the cleaning but there's one area that I really dread cleaning and that's the bathroom. Now I will clean the counters, mirror and shower but when it comes to the toilet, that's the one thing that I dread cleaning.

As I was doing some cleaning around the house last night this question came to mind and I'm wondering how you feel about it.

Like I tell my daughter, when we all pitch in and complete household chores at one time, cleaning goes by much faster. How do you handle household cleaning duties at your home? Let me know by using the comment section below.

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