Patrick Mahomes is not slowing down in his NFL debut. He led the Kansas City Chiefs to a 45-10 win against the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday night. In the process, Mahomes passed NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner to set another record according to ESPN.

Mahomes now has 22 touchdowns, to only 5 interceptions, to start the first 8 games of his career, passing Warner's 21.

Mahomes most likely will pass another Hall of Fame quarterback later this season, former Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson. He set the single season touchdown record of 30 touchdowns for the Chiefs in 1964.

Mahomes has been so fun to watch this season. He looks like he's been playing for 10 years. It doesn't hurt that he has players like tight end Travis Kelce, wide receivers Sammy Watkins and Tyreek Hill and running back Kareen Hunt.

I was talking with a friend about Mahomes first season. Will there be some regression next season? Yeah, but only because teams will have a full season of film on him. It won't be much, though. He will still be awesome.

Keep lighting it up Pat. All of East Texas is rooting for you.

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