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A lot of people are so excited to have a three-day holiday weekend to drink, BBQ, and chill, that they don't stop to ask, what is Memorial Day all about?

Why is Memorial Day a holiday? Memorial Day is a day of remembrance. The day which was formerly known as 'Decoration Day,' is set aside as a reminder to give thanks to those who have sacrificed all for our country and the freedoms we enjoy today.

Memorial Day became a federal holiday in 1968 and many celebrate by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings, and participating in parades. Others mark the occasion by participating in the traditional national moment of silence at 3 pm.

The holiday was borne out of the Civil War and 'Decoration Day' was established in 1868 to honor those that passed during the war. In fact, the day only honored those lost during the Civil War until World War I. According to History.com, 'the tradition of Decoration Day soon evolved from remembering just the fallen of the Civil War to remembering all soldiers who died during the country's wars at home and abroad.' It was around the same time that the tradition of wearing a red 'poppy' began.

Join us as we honor those who have passed in service to our country and thank you for your selflessness. You will not be forgotten.

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