There's a heatwave in the UK and their high of 104F (40C) on Tuesday was hotter than Dallas or Houston that day. Temperatures in Texas are regularly in the 100s, so why are we okay and they are not?

The first thing to note is that Britain is closer to the north pole than any of the lower 48 states. They should have comparable temperatures to Calgary, Canada.

A typical July day in Southern England is usually in the 70s with lows in the 50s. Their homes and infrastructure are made for their normal cool and rainy weather.

Air Conditioning Is Not As Prevalent In Europe

There are so many modern conveniences that we take for granted. Number one in my opinion is air conditioning.

Texas homes with proper insulation and an air conditioning unit can make the inside temperature almost 30 degrees cooler than it is outside. Now imagine that all of your AC is gone, and your house is made to hold in heat.

At the same time looking further south at Spain, Portugal, and France, the temperatures hit 115 degrees Fahrenheit while in a windy drought. That has sparked wildfires and many people have been displaced.

No One Is Safe From The Heat This Summer

It's a harsh reality for many people in Europe, and I am sure purchases of air conditioning units will skyrocket if they can get them. Supply chain issues for air conditioners and their parts have plagued us, and I am sure it's much worse in Europe.

On a lighter note, they are experiencing the same heat-related issues we do when we go outside in Texas. They are learning about all of the issues we deal with every day like chafing and could use a little help.

Here are some heat-related tips for our friends across the pond, and good reminders for us here in Texas.

  • Get A Small Air Conditioner in Case Of Emergencies
  • Wear Loose, Light Weight/Light Colored Clothing
  • Stay In The Shade If You Are Outside
  • Drink Lots Of Water Even If You Aren't Thirsty
  • Take A Cold Shower To Cool Down
  • Never Leave Children Or Pets In Cars
  • Cover Your Windows
  • Put A Cold Compress Around Your Neck
  • Get A Fan For Every Room

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