What is it with will.i.am, beautiful pop stars who are big in the U.K. and cars lately? His limited edition, custom ride, in which he squired Nicole Scherzinger, was stolen after he valeted it at an L.A. nightclub a few weeks ago. Now, early this morning (Aug. 30), at around 3:30, will and Cheryl Cole sustained minor injuries in a fender bender in Los Angeles.

Will was driving a Cadillac which hit a parked car. He and Cole sustained whiplash and other injuries, according to AOL Music, but that was the extent of the damage.

The driver’s side airbag inflated, so will dealt with minimal impact. Cole’s airbag failed to deploy, so she suffered a bloody nose and bruising. She was treated on site, while will was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and was later seen in a neck brace.

Both Will and Cheryl tweeted about the vehicular mishap, assuring fans that that they are fine. Their tweets are below. We are glad they are okay and we agree with will. Car accidents are not dope!

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